Digitalisation is revolutionising our world. Production and business processes are experiencing dramatic changes. Mobile end devices and technologies play an ever larger role in the chances of a company staying relevant in the future. The questions ‘when?’ and ‘where?’ are being replaced with ‘always’ and ‘everywhere’. If you lose touch today, you’ll already be set back tomorrow.

In this exciting environment, GmbH is acting as a professional service provider and development company. We develop custom-made solutions for future-orientated markets, including the tourism industry, the printing and tobacco industry and pharmaceuticals.

So we look to mobile applications, mainly in connection with the most modern technologies like printed electronics and 3D printing.

The products and solutions developed by are important components for the success of our customers and partners. The safeguarding of these products and solutions through brands and patents is natural for GmbH.


With competent partners we generate excellence for our customers.