Patents and property rights

Intellectual property (IP) is now one of the most important value factors for innovative companies. The market for patents and licences has been growing dynamically for years.

The spectrum of intellectual property and property law ranges from industrial design, brands and domains to copyright and patents. Property law and patents are an important instrument to protect findings from complex and expensive research against imitation. They enable to secure innovative technologies and markets and to allow third parties to partake in the rise of technology using licences. GmbH purchase patent applications and patents, but also apply for their own patents. The goal is to constantly top off the development of business cases, brand takeovers and suitable domain portfolios. All property law goes through an upgrading process to increase their value. These can, for example, be in the regional expansion of patent protection or the acquisition of the property law associated with this.

The property law portfolio at is constantly growing and contains domains, brands and patent applications from all around the world.

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