Mobile applications

The triumph of smartphones and tablet PCs has changed the way we work and communicate. Today, however, mobile communication is for more than just phoning people and searching the web. And it’s not just the end devices that are versatile, the posibilities, information and products can be present in so many ways and there are numerous solutions to collecting data and carrying out transactions too.

Today, mobile applications have absolute priority in software development. The use of applications on smartphones or tablets simplifies the process for and between users and/or companies significantly, because data can be exchanged instantly and permanently from anywhere. The user requirements for mobile solutions like simple access, intuitive operation and device-optimised presentation rises continually.

Our apps in the areas of digital marketing, Indistry 4.0, print and tourism are technological and innovative benchmarks.

Industry 4.0 example

Industry 4.0 means that internet technologies are revolutionising production and logistics processes. develops professional apps for manufacturing and logistical processes, process automisation and device control, as well as connections to ERP and production guidance systems. Online control using mobile interfaces and cross-media networking of apps with back end systems like CRM, CMS, ERP and PIM are relevant tasks of GmbH develops custom-made applications for the platforms Android, Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Windows Phone and Windows 8. Our experienced team consists of project managers, app and use developers, database programmers and graphic designers.


With competent partners we generate excellence for our customers.