Digital Marketing

The facts speak for themselves: digital marketing is booming. The triumph of the digital messenger is unstoppable. No other form of communciation with potential customers can quote such high growth rates as digital marketing. With a digital marketing concept, optimally coordinated to your target audience and product, you will gain maximum attention!

Personalisation is one of the most important success factors in digital marketing

But the demands of individual customer company communication are constantly increasing. Users expect an individual, ideally personal, discourse with you for relevant content. All of this should be at the right time and using the suitable channels. Individualisation is called for instead of mass communication. Authentic, empathetic dialogue instead of standard advertising.

SmartFrank - the world’s first product messenger

With SmartFrank, GmbH has a unique marketing instrument in the area of digital marketing. SmartFrank is the first product messenger in the world. SmartFrank enables you to understand individual customers. Instead of undifferentiated advertising, the user gets useful, entertaining and surprising information on relevant touch points.

Their personal message to all of their contacts in the world on the barcode of a coke bottle? With SmartFrank, it’s no problem.

Tourism marketing in a new dimension

Modern marketing is defined by digitalisation. 73 percent of customers look online before they buy, 82 percent get advice on their smartphones when shopping. But only a few companies are fit for digital marketing.

With, GmbH is perfectly positioned on the market for mobile tourism applications. With the Dynamic-App-Transformation technology developed by ThePeople, it is possible to equip entire destinations in unique ways cheaply with apps for individual service providers. Together with our partner Wilken AG, we offer such new user scenarios for digital dialogue marketing with individualised discourse.

Digital fan marketing always and everywhere

Stars, bands and top clubs with large communities entertain their fans with their own apps from apps4stars. Great features, news, previews, tickets, photos and videos create a unique fan relationship. The best: Fans design postcards, photo video albums and merchandising items with their own photos, videos and exclusive content on their favourite stars.

Music labels are able to present all artists and stars in a unique app with apps4stars and Dynamic-App-Transformation technology and to then convert this app into the relevant artist app with all of the features.

Marketing Analytics

From classic tracking to data analysis and optimisation, uses the right tools. We have particular expetise with Google Analytics, Tableau Software, Webtrekk and the tools of Adobe Analytics, as well as our own powerful analysis tools.

Optimise the full customer journey in various channels and be ready to present relevant and uptodate content to interested parties and customers.

With our analyses on user behaviour for mobile apps, lucrative target groups can be identified and knowledge about customers can be strengthened for companies.


With competent partners we generate excellence for our customers.